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October 1

  • [Meta] Beginning of UK Black History Month.
  • [TS] Neon battles Alister as his third League match.
  • [TS] Chiyo tells Risky and Jade about Gallium's death and how she came into being.

October 2

October 3

October 4

October 5

  • [TS] Percy learns about Ramona's continued survival.
  • [TS] Suiko and co meet with the Phantom Thieves in Mementos.
  • Percy meets Ever.

October 6

  • [TS] Percy also meets Lissa.
  • [TS] Grandsappy asks the group to find the Soul Seed in return for letting them leave the forest.

October 7

  • Nothing much happened.

October 8

  • [TS] The Parfum group is attacked by origami Shroomish.

October 9

October 10

October 11

October 12

October 13

  • Nothing much happened.

October 14

  • [TS] Grandsappy is restored using fallen confetti.

October 15

  • As Ever prepares to take on the Galar League, Adelinde tells Lutetium a story about an old friend who died due to Team Rocket and how it shaped her worldview.
  • [TS] Regidrago decides to help Daydre with Luis' necklace.

October 16

  • Nothing much happened.

October 17

October 18

  • [TS] Galarian Zapdos crashes upon Chiyo's barrier and lands in the Lake of Outrage.

October 19

  • [TS] Neon battles Jared as his final Galar League match.
  • [TS] Galarian Zapdos attempts a rematch.
  • [TS] Bug uses a Key to access the Palace directly from Mementos.
  • Ingrid catches Bindi.
  • [TS] Ramona finds Necronomicon inside Rose's Mindscape.

October 20

  • [TS] The Parfum group finds a folded person.
  • [TS] Galarian Zapdos agrees to join the Council.
  • Zeal and Gui appear in Hammerlocke.

October 21

October 22

  • Tagg and Ama meet for the first time.

October 23

October 24

October 25

October 26

October 27

  • Alice meets Lanie again.
  • Prior to Megan and Abilene battling one another, the two discuss the latter's attack on the Aurabolts.
  • Ingrid registers for the Galar League with Channah's endorsement.

October 28

  • Holly decides to text Brie and Alice when Kai refuses to do so for Livius aftermath-related reasons.

October 29

  • Nothing much happened.

October 30

  • Nothing much happened.

October 31

  • [Meta] Halloween.
  • [TS] Abilene declares her love for Megan by kissing her publicly in the middle of Wyndon Stadium on live television.
  • Lissa gets attacked by XD: APEX, only to be saved by Apple-A-Day.

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