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September 1

September 2

  • [TS] Spectrier accepts Tagg's challenge, as the battle begins.
    • People in Freezington shiver as they go on the attack.
  • The Counselor debriefs Bela regarding the Kahlia memories she managed to acquire.
  • [TS] Tagg agrees to help Aislinn get back her family's mask.
  • Chiyo visits Ersatz Alliance and acquires an armband, revealing her Pokéform to be Milcery.
    • After a brief talk with Dactyl Chiyo decides to try evolving her mon form.
    • After gathering all the Sweets needed, following a talk with Nicky, Kendra, and Dactyl, Chiyo decides to use a Star Sweet to evolve.
    • With the help of her friends, Chiyo evolves into a Rainbow Swirl Alcremie.
  • [TS] Jade agrees to tell Ever what they know about Rainbow Rocket.
  • [TS] The Parful Palace group is met by Julius, but as a living origami creation.
  • Neon manages to convince Merlin to stop whaling on Historica GO and help the J-Team combat the School.

September 3

September 4

  • [TS] The Parfum group finds some Rabbids in the dungeon.
  • [TS] Spectrier Battle.
    • After Spectrier unleashes a massive attack, Pugh evolves to Grapploct out of spite and alongside Tagg's other mons helps hold Spectrier still enough for Calyrex to bind them using the Reins of Unity.
  • [TS] Antimony is also sent to assist Freshman!Molybdenum against Owen and Hiro.
  • [TS] Kahlia and Alice are attacked by a masked man.
  • After being transported to the Stormchaser via Ersatz Alliance, Jade tells Ever about Rainbow Rocket.

September 5

  • [TS] Following their defeat, Spectrier grudgingly agrees to join the Legendary Council.
  • [TS] Kai identifies the masked man accompanying Fake!Rogue as Livius, who claims to desire revenge on Kai for getting to kill Carmilla first.
  • [TS] Not!Ace, or rather Thanatos tells Shaun about how Orpheus became the way he is, who refuses Silas' offer for help.
  • Tagg and co decide to go after Galarian Articuno next.
  • The RV Hammerspace, a PEFE ship carrying the Magic Mirror en route to an Orre facility, is attacked by a ship containing explosive Minior.
  • [TS] Upon stepping on a Magic Circle, Evelyn gains Thousand-Fold Arms.
  • Kevin and Marshall argue over needing to bring Shaun in.

September 6

  • [Meta] First Day of Rosh Hashanah.
  • [Meta] Labor Day in US.
  • [TS] The Parfum group manages to free Olivia from containment.
  • [TS] Tagg and co are given a test of insight by Galarian Articuno.
  • [TS] Hiro decides to give Freshman!Molybdenum more knowledge than they can likely handle.

September 7

  • [Meta] Second Day of Rosh Hashanah.
  • [TS] Jessica decides to go after Shaun despite his wishes.
  • [TS] The figure chasing the Hydrogens is identified as a Templar going by Ten-Zero.
  • [TS] Ever sends texts to the (former?) Team Leaders and personnel they've known to warn them about Rainbow Rocket and asks Jade if they know their leader.
  • [TS] The Parfum group finds Rabbids being bent and folded by a mysterious force.

September 8

  • [Meta] End of Rosh Hashanah.
  • [TS] Shaun learns from Beowulf about Jessica's presence in Castelia.
  • [TS] Freshman!Molybdenum and her Blipbug are defeated, as Antimony's Darmanitan enters Zen Mode.
  • [TS] The crew of the RV Hammerspace finds that the Magic Mirror is missing from the storage bay following the attack.
  • Victor successfully pries the Magic Mirror from its safebox and enters Makbaliv.
  • [TS] After completing the test of insight, Galarian Articuno grudgingly agrees to join the Legendary Council.

September 9

  • Victor tricks Walt into giving him the Darkrai DNA needed for the next part of his plan, as he decides to set his sights on acquiring Ho-Oh DNA.
  • [TS] The Parfum group finds Gudrunn folded into an origami cube.

September 10

  • [TS] Kamon is revealed to have acquired Gingivere offscreen.
  • [TS] Silas and Tobias get into a philosophical argument which ends in attempted murder on the latter's part when the former notes their loss of Hacks.

September 11

  • [Meta] 20th Anniversary of 9/11.
  • Ann turns 26.
  • Tagg contacts Daydre to enlist her help with the Aislinn situation.
  • Chiyo remembers how she was forced to fight and kill her Batch's Boron.
  • Big Iron invites the Hydrogens to the Oasis.

September 12

September 13

  • Daydre turns 22.
  • [TS] Glimmer tells her version of the Spectrier tale, only for Ever to tell them the real ending.
  • Halis decides to take a hiatus from their meditation in Snowpoint Temple.
  • [TS] The School forces fighting Owen and Hiro choose to depart.
  • [TS] Merlin tells Daydre about a Ser Luise Trindigard.

September 14

  • Nothing much happened.

September 15

  • [Meta] Beginning of Yom Kippur.
  • Maggie thinks about joining up with the J-Team again.
  • [TS] Tagg and Daydre head to Mementos and try finding Morata's Shadow, only to turn up empty.

September 16

  • [Meta] End of Yom Kippur.
  • [TS] After Owen leaves, Hiro deals with Templars sent after them.
  • Thespi, Pollen, and another end up in the Velvet Room.
  • Hajime and Kaisei reminisce about the J-Team.
  • Chiyo is contacted by Uxie in her dreams, who tells them to search for a new ally within the mountain range between Galar proper and the Crown Tundra.
    • They find the bodies of numerous Templars and are met by an EX- Drampa near the top.
    • Following a talk, Qinglong agrees to form a partnership in order to combat the School.
  • Channah meets Ingrid in mon form and transforms in front of her, to Ingrid's shock.
  • Gale and Tagg prepare for their battle against one another.

September 17

  • [TS] Molybdenum is revealed to be amongst the Templars attacking Hiro.
  • [TS] Gale and Tagg battle as the former's final League match.
  • Igor introduces himself to Thespi and co.
  • [TS] Origami!Julius attempts to get the group to join him again.
  • Chiyo decides to stick around the Stormchaser for a little while longer rather than leave immediately as per her original plans.

September 18

  • [TS] Megan gifts Daydre with a Zoroark cape for her birthday.
  • [TS] Ribot attempts to convince Muninn to join the School, with the promise of a new body, though he ends up refusing.
  • Chiyo meets up with Tagg and tells him about her meeting with Uxie, the two reaffirming their partnership.
  • [TS] Logan discusses theories of Pokéform transformations with Percy.
  • [TS] Upon the group's refusal, Origami!Julius sics some folded Rabbids on them.
  • Tagg and Chiyo discuss childhood, parents, and mon form implications before they get interrupted by Owen asking for help getting the Ariados in Hortensia's Burst Heart released.
    • Tagg suggests a ritual to release the Ariados, which he sets up with him and Chiyo donating their Aura to the sigil.
  • Neon battles Piers as his first match of the League tournament.
  • Kim challenges Marnie for the Dark Badge.

September 19

  • [TS] After the group defeats the Folded Soldiers, King Olly reveals himself and has ribbons start wrapping up Parfum Palace.
  • Jade meets Sholto and Lisa, who happen to be visiting the Stormchaser.
  • Following Hitodama and the Stormchaser donating to the sigil, the Burst Heart releases the Ariados.
    • Owen decides to catch them and tells Chiyo about the School forces he and Hiro had to deal with.
  • [TS] Neon battles Gail as his second League match.

September 20

  • [TS] Tagg and Daydre arrive in Morata Macraul's Wyndon neighborhood.
  • [TS] Hiro finishes off Zayna.
  • [TS] Beep-O arrives to save the Parfum group.
  • [TS] As Cof decides to store Hoops' body in a sort of stasis inside his own, Vana decides she wants to destroy the School.
  • Chiyo meets Maggie, who ends up reminding her of the consequences of prolonged J-Team contact, namely the show.
  • Priscilla and co decide to keep the Mirror heist mum after it's found back.

September 21

  • [TS] Tagg and Daydre find Morata's mansion.
    • They find out that Morata has a Schoolkid under her employ and get a first view of Morata.
    • Tagg finds the mask and picks up that it has its own Aura signature.
  • [TS] Chiyo expresses her displeasure on the concept of ending up on the J-Team TV Show before talking about games with Maggie and exchanging [Steam] information.
  • Owen gets the idea of evolving his Porygon body and then placing it in the currently empty Burst Heart, succeeding with the former.
  • [TS] A stray ribbon knocks the Parfum group out of the ship and into a forest.
  • Chiyo gets bumped into by Dolabella and scanned by Aztec Camera, which leads to her meeting Channah for the first time.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • Dune's mons discuss the odd nature of how time works in the Walking Mountain with Colossus.
  • [TS] Freddie evolves into Inteleon during the Marnie battle.

September 22

  • [Meta] Autumnal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere, Vernal Equinox in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Owen loads his Porygon-Z body into the Burst Heart.
  • [TS] Pollen and co are given their Sub-Pokésonas.

September 23

  • Owen tries using the Burst Heart, but fails.

September 24

September 25

  • [TS] Daydre tells Aislinn about their familial relation, and the latter tells Daydre and Tagg what she knows about Morata's servants.
  • [TS] Templar Fight.
    • Zayna decides to take Muninn's offer.
    • Curry manages to critically injure Nuckelavee and Adelinde decides to beat a hasty retreat assisted by getting blasted away by Ephemera's Psyshock.
  • [TS] Channah challenges Ingrid to a battle.

September 26

  • Owen manages to achieve a Burst form.
  • [TS] Kai threatens Rogue with a gun.
  • [TS] Channah doesn't take to Chiyo's attempts at connecting with her, so the latter decides to leave, though not without giving her some advice karmically weighted by the Stormchaser.

September 27

September 28

  • [TS] The Templar fighting group chooses to depart, Molybdenum basically letting them do so.
  • [TS] Channah takes Ingrid to Ersatz Alliance, only to find it being staffed by a Channah from another universe.

September 29

September 30

  • Molybdenum goes over her fear of Adelinde.
  • Thespi texts the Phantom Thieves chat from Mementos.
  • [TS] Neon defeats Gail.
  • [TS] Jade admits her former Rainbow Rocket ties to Chiyo and Risky as the former alludes to her own past.
  • [TS] Rogue and Mason decide to drop the Galar League challenge.
  • Tagg discusses what he learned about Ynos with Chiyo, who mentions that her own Batch's Osmium is still alive.

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