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March 1

March 2

  • The J-Team has a hot springs episode in Lavaridge.
  • Airy is introduced to the members of Noelle's team.
  • Helix evolves into Salamence.
  • Ignia turns human due to the weremon curse.
  • Phosphora gets an egg from Solaire.

March 3

  • Beekay hatches.
  • The GTS battles the Armored Harriers.
  • Jacob is revealed to have been on an adventure in space the past two weeks, according to Edge.
  • Verax learns about Crow's lycanthropy.
  • Hajime catches Rumba.

March 4

March 5

March 6

March 7

  • Lane receives Gauss.
  • Ren battles Flannery for the Heat Badge.
  • Maggie's group gets super strength from a chest.

March 8

  • [Meta] International Women's Day.
  • [Meta] Beginning of Daylight Savings Time.
  • Ever tells Mezzo about how he spotted All.
  • Eskay and Louie manage to awaken Regirock.
  • Hellbender is devolved into a Wooper.

March 9

  • Crow and Sundancer go on a treasure hunting trip for the former's birthday.

March 10

  • All tells Ever that he no longer has plans on murdering him or Mezzo.
  • Lane challenges Flannery for the Heat Badge, Gauss evolving to Combusken in the process.
  • Sarah tells Mezzo about Lucius and Alice getting revived.

March 11

  • Sarah and Mezzo discuss relationships.

March 12

  • Nico decides to copy Robin's hairstyle and attire.
  • Eskay challenges Flannery for the Heat Badge mostly offscreen.
  • Tagg rematches Flannery.

March 13

  • [Meta] Friday the 13th.
  • Nico and Maggie discuss the former's self-image issues.

March 14

  • [Meta] Pi Day.
  • Crow reveals that he's caught Hellbender in a cage.
  • Lycanthropes gather at a special hot spring in Lavaridge.

March 15

  • A new TV show from the creators of the J-Team TV show, Code Xanadu, is announced.

March 16

  • Jason gets genderflipped.

March 17

  • [Meta] St. Patrick's Day.

March 18

  • Fishy and Chirin reconcile.
  • The GTS battles Fist o' Mist, becoming the Glitz Pit Champions, but Maggie goes missing.

March 19

  • The GTS battles Grubba after finding out that Maggie and her mons had gotten drained by him.

March 20

  • [Meta] Vernal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Grubba loses control of the Gold Star, and is turned to dust.
  • Muddy discusses with Slashkreyd his worries about being unable to Mega Evolve.
  • Jason still genderflipped battles Flannery for the Heat Badge.

March 21

  • Grodus calls the Shadow Sirens to have them answer for their failure against Maggie's group.
  • Maggie's group is directed towards Twilight Town for the next Crystal Star.
  • Mezzo meets Shade.

March 22

  • Pankaja fights a Kingdra inside a volcano on Route 17.
  • Maggie's Group heads out for Twilight Town, finding out that a Mario had already been there.
  • Lucia ends up in Twilight Town, transformed into an Eevee.

March 23

  • Sonar is revealed to have evolved into Noivern offscreen while Maria battled Flannery for the Heat Badge.
  • Ren runs into trouble while trying to get a hotel room.
  • Sarah battles Norman for the Balance Badge, but gets curbstomped.

March 24

  • Amazy Dayzee the Sunflora puts the Twilight Town group to sleep, only to find Nico and Nazca missing when they wake up.
  • Dezi gives Jason a genderswapping tuning fork.
  • Shade battles Flannery for the Heat Badge.
  • Seishirou saves a woman from a Roughneck, inadvertently revealing his human form in the process.
  • Iron Marrow puts Mega!Chrome in his place.

March 25

March 26

  • Maggie's group is "cursed" with the ability to dispel fog and barriers such as Light Screen and Reflect.
  • Maria tells Dune about the Dragon Races.
  • Ever battles Norman for the Balance Badge.
  • [TS]Keys makes an elaborate Secret Base for Ren and his team.
  • Verax informs Tagg about the new Cipher cell that has sprung up.
  • Jakari turns canon.
  • Silent heads to the Hoenn desert. Again.

March 27

March 28

  • Tagg acknowledges the 4th anniversary of 'M's death.

March 29

March 30

  • Jacob and Hikari decide to go on a double date with Sakura and Blitz.

March 31

  • [Meta] Transgender Day of Visibility.

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