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July 1

  • [TS] Maekrite has returned to PEFE HQ and there he starts training for his evolution by getting his former colleagues at the supply chain back into shape.

July 2

July 3

July 4

July 5

July 6

July 7

  • [Meta] Tanabata.

July 8

  • Gogie tells the story of how Crow joined the J-Team.
  • [TS] Maggie is teleported by Xatu to Mossdeep for the Tanabata festival.

July 9

July 10

  • Shade and his dad receive a Nidoran♂ and Cyndaquil egg respectively from Jack's grandfather, while Jack receives a Yanma egg.
  • [TS] Lex tells the tale of his family troubles.

July 11

  • [TS] Lex reveals that he's trans.
  • Dune enlists Tagg's help in finding Emptyhull Island for the sake of a date with Deziree.

July 12

  • Dune and Deziree run into a tribe of Cubone on Emptyhull Island.
  • Maria beats the Mossdeep Gym offscreen.

July 13

  • Carol returns, with most of her mons having evolved offscreen.
  • Zeal spies on Villiard, Thief's father, and Dane in his search for answers.
  • Jacob defeats the Mossdeep Gym offscreen.
  • Candlewax is revealed to have evolved himself into Chandelure offscreen.

July 14

  • Tagg meets with Contrail again.
  • Shulk evolves into Sealeo offscreen.

July 15

  • [TS] The Pascal twins lose against Liza and Tate.
  • [TS] Max learns about how the Mini Weather Trio came to be.

July 16

  • Psyche explains to Max about the J-Team.

July 17

  • Tagg and Jacob have another sparring battle.
  • Lucius tries to stop Eskay upon realizing that he wields the Purple Sword, but is curbstomped.

July 18

July 19

  • [TS] Eskay and Levi go on a date.
  • Bluebell talks about her dreams of joining the PEFE.
  • Des catches Dio.

July 20

July 21

July 22

  • Ever informs Sarah and Basket about Pianis seemingly dying.

July 23

  • Jason and Hikaru begin to train in Jasonscape's Unlimited Blade Works.
  • Odin manages to steal a Reshiram feather from the Iccurus Museum, and uses it to mutate Ilya.
  • Jacob and Sarah have a sparring match.
  • Skye and Diane are revealed to now be in a polyamorous relationship with Alyssa

July 24

  • Gogie and Ghostus have a fight about the latter going with a career.

July 25

July 26

July 27

  • Marco evolves into a Magcargo while Lane and Tori battle Lisa and Tate for the Mind Badge.

July 28

  • The J-Team raids Lazarus' base.

July 29

July 30

July 31

  • Eric Clavis invites several members of the J-Team to Ren's 32nd birthday party.
  • Zeal and Gui manage to once again evade Boatman and his Scizor.

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