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January 1

January 2

January 3

January 4

January 5

January 6

January 7

  • Tagg and DS talk plans regarding the Glitch.
  • Iggy and the Scraggy kid take a walk through the Cavern.

January 8

January 9

January 10

January 11

January 12

  • Ever turns 20.
  • Maggie informs the rest of the J-Team about her fight with the glitchy vines.

January 13

January 14

January 15

January 16

  • Ren obtains the Diamond Vale Ribbon.
  • Ren ends up fighting C-QN.

January 17

January 18

  • [TS] Evangeline reveals that her employers have been considering sealing off the Earth as a result of its weirdness.
  • Part of the J-Team hangs around PEFE HQ.
  • Dreamtime Online returns.
  • Hoopa, Cresselia, and Darkrai have a talk in which the former reveals that Izanami has managed to escape confinement.

January 19

January 20

  • A piece of the glitch gets stuck in a Gameboy Camera. Diane names the piece in question Sua.
  • Angelica attempts to comfory PEFE!Every after she has a nervous breakdown as a result of the events of the past year.

January 21

  • Jason and co meet a Bidoof that claims that her mother was turned into some sort of monster.
  • The Nightmare team battles a group of vampires.

January 22

January 23

  • Ren and team meet L'cirufe.
  • Zrone unveils Omega, before giving Sarah a tour of his base and informing her about the type of Glitch infesting it.
  • [TS] The Nightmare group battles Valentine.
  • Tagg gets Jacob to help with Scythermen negotiations.

January 24

January 25

  • [TS] The Hive Mecha is defeated.
  • Jacob and PEFE!Every discuss doing negotiations with the Scythermen.

January 26

January 27

January 28

January 29

January 30

January 31

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