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April 1

  • [Meta] April Fools' Day.
  • The false Rogue and Renegade damage the Luminous Crystal after Eclipse tries to stop them.
    • Eclipse, or rather Kai Halys wakes up in the Stormchaser, having been found by Kai Amarin.
    • Halys is revealed to have come from the 2030s in a universe where Pokémon are only fictional beings and tells their backstory.
    • Back in Pueltown, Kalter meets Cyrus and Vesha.
    • Halys tells the assorted Kais about what they saw.
    • After meeting in Pueltown, the Kais fight the false Rogue.
    • Roguelike turns out to be Cyrus.
    • Halys is caught by the light of the Shadow Crystal and tries draining it while under the influence of the Necromancer translated Darkrai, forcing everyone to team up to fight them.
    • Eclipse manages to shatter the Red Gem.
    • The Kais use the power of the Gems + the power of music to try reaching Eclipse.
    • Renegade is revealed to be Reaver.
    • Cyrus reveals that they know Psyche, who managed to wander over to their home universe.
  • Alphos and Steve return to the OU and stick people in their idea of what the Gen IX region would be like.
  • Ynos and Daydre meet mysterious individuals.
    • Haostyn turns into a red and white themed Deino.
  • Ever meets an alt-Brie.
  • Coyote invites various figures to watch the Walking Mountain saga on April Fools.
  • Tagg, Chiyo, and Dr. Nakamura are transported in the middle of their board game.
    • Dr. Nakamura notes how their traveling through the various pocket dimensions seems to be changing them.
    • Tagg and co meet Nicky and Kendra at the backside of reality, before diving back down to the Material Plane.
  • [TS] Channah and Kamon find out about Tagg and Chiyo's Templar encounter.
  • Kamon finds himself at the Old Chateau and meets Hunter the Gengar.

April 2

  • The non-Amarin Kais fail to disappear once April Fools is over with.
    • The other Cyrus manages to escape jail with the assistance of a Hisuian Voltorb.
    • Kai asks Brie for help getting everyone else home.
  • On the way down, Tagg shifts to his Thief outfit.
    • After explaining, he forges Star and Priestess Confidants with Chiyo and Dr. Nakamura respectively.
  • Ynos and Nytoas share backstories.
  • [AFD] Otis and Herbie are somehow transformed into a Myotismon and a human, respectively.
  • Banjo knocks out a Piplup.
  • [TS] Louis and Gaspard are visited by their sister Nicolette, who chews Louis out for his taste in food.
  • [TS] Mothra evolves into Volcarona.
  • [TS] Meat Palace.

April 3

  • Tagg and Chiyo discover they still have their boons from April Fools.
  • Halys explains the details of their Earth.

April 4

April 5

April 6

  • [TS] Tagg defeats Roark.
  • Xaster challenges Gardenia for the Forest Badge.
  • [TS] Justice performs in the Jubilife Contest.
  • Jigsaw returns, taking the form of a humanized 9-Volt, and attacks and verbally berates Kim during her League battle against Kendall, causing her to have a panic attack and faint on live TV.

April 7

April 8

April 9

  • [TS] Xaster defeats Gardenia.
  • [TS] Meat Palace.
    • Shadow Crowley sets the Full Moon Bear on Evelyn.
  • Kai celebrates their 10th anniversary of knowing the J-Team before the Kai-Alikes get sent home.
    • Kalter joins Kai in reminiscing about their shared history, as well as discussing some of Kalter's history after the J-Dan timeline split off.
  • [TS] Gale performs in the Jubilife Contest.

April 10

April 11

April 12

April 13

  • [TS] Hoops' mons stop them from trying to finish off Vana, and they retreat.
  • [TS] Kai tells the rest of the J-Team about their meeting with Kalter.

April 14

  • [TS] Tellurium tells Ramona their group's reason for visiting.

April 15

  • [Meta] Beginning of Passover.
  • [Meta] Good Friday.
  • [TS] Hoops' mons track them down and convince them not to run off again.

April 16

  • [Meta] First Day of Passover.

April 17

  • [Meta] Second Day of Passover.
  • [Meta] Easter.

April 18

  • [Meta] Third Day of Passover.
  • [TS] Logan tries to talk down Antimony.

April 19

  • [Meta] Fourth Day of Passover.
  • [TS] Hoops, Xaster, and Mitchell share stories.
  • Tagg and Chiyo discuss a vagrant Hisuian Braviary sighting.

April 20

  • [Meta] Fifth Day of Passover.

April 21

  • [Meta] Sixth Day of Passover.
  • Xaster attempts to challenge the Hearthome Gym, but finds that Fantina isn't there.
    • After finding Fantina at the Contest Hall, he gets a bad review from her regarding his Contest skills.
  • [TS] The Orb Torkoal is defeated.

April 22

  • [Meta] Seventh Day of Passover.
  • Vana makes her way over to the Stormchaser.

April 23

  • [Meta] End of Passover.
  • Pavo turns Xaster into a Togepi-themed Sentimonster.
  • Tagg heads to the Eterna Gym.

April 24

April 25

  • [TS] Meat Palace.
    • Kim-un-kamuy is identified.
    • As it attacks Evelyn she awakens her Initial Persona, Isis.
  • [TS] Xaster tries taking revenge on Fantina for her comments.
  • Tagg and Chiyo find a Mysterious Shard while exploring the Grand Underground.

April 26

  • [TS] Tagg and Chiyo exchange the Mysterious Shards for a Tectonic Slate.
  • [TS] Vana meets Ever and officially defects to the J-Team.

April 27

  • [TS] Tagg and Chiyo meet Groudon and game with them.
  • [TS] Ramona attacks Mallory and co with a bunch of enthralled Starly.

April 28

  • [TS] Vana gives Ever School intel regarding their bases.
  • [TS] Suiko gives a brief Palace lowdown.
  • [TS] Chiyo catches Ceres.

April 29

  • Nothing much happened.

April 30

  • Nothing much happened.

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