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Grant is Sakura's Arcanine and her starter, thus being with her for far more time than any other member of the team.


His appearance is that of a regular Arcanine, if a bit bigger, his fur is really smooth, due to Sakura giving him a lot of poffins, making him stand out a bit between other Arcanine.

As a human, he looks like a young adult with black eyes and wears a orange jacket with black stripes similar to the ones he had as a Pokémon; he wears a cream colored plain shirt under it and orange pants with the same stripes as the jacket, he has medium hair that goes up to his shoulders, it's cream colored and a bit messy and wild. He wears orange sneakers with cream shoelaces and soles and also black leather gloves. His fangs are still very pointy like he has as an Arcanine and he looks quite strong.


  • Age: 10
  • Height: 1.92m (Both as a Arcanine and as a human)
  • Birthday: July 30
  • Nature: Gentle
  • Ability: Flash Fire
  • Item: Legend Bow/Shell Bell
  • Met: Floaroma (as a Growlithe)
  • Ball: Poké Ball
  • Favorite Move: Flare Blitz
  • Likes: Resting, running at high speeds, Sakura, bitter food, challenges.
  • Dislikes: Jerks; people who are too stubborn or annoying.


He's friendly, gentle and isn't the kind of guy to hold a grudge against another even when they've done something seriously bad, most likely influenciated by his trainer, though the reverse may also be true; he's not afraid of making jokes and teasing others just for the sake of it, though he would never go far enough to hurt one feelings and is well aware of the appropriate times to do that; he's also quite protective of his friends and those closest to him and is deeply angered when someone tries to harm one of them, though he was noticeably unhostile towards Jacob after the death threats he threw at Sakura and Lyuri in the Indigo Plateau, possibly due to knowing that he already had some issues and not wishing to cause any further problems, especially after Sakura herself forgave him for what happened. In battle, Grant doesn't take things very seriously, being all too happy to make some comments and tease the opponent a bit, however, that doesn't make him any less of a treat, being a very powerful Pokémon in his own right and he's not afraid of going all out on his opponent if needed to.

Battle Strategy

His favorite way of attacking is by physical strenght, though he knows a few special attacks in case he needs them, he's able to heal himself with Morning Sun in case of receiving too much damage and also of crippling opponents with Will-o-Wisp, recently has been taught Curse to boost his physical strenght, thus becoming an even stronger beast than usual, all in all, he's a very versatile dog, though his most useful move tend to have a big drawback to them in the form of recoil or not working as well in certain weathers, he compensates that by being a naturally tough Pokémon.

Known Moves:

Type Move Acquisition Performance  ??? Notes
TypeNormal.gif Extremespeed Natural ★★★★★ Used for transportation
TypeFire.gif Flare Blitz Natural ★★★★★
TypeDark.gif Crunch Natural ★★★★
TypeFire.gif Fire Blast Natural ★★★★
TypeNormal.gif Morning Sun Breeding ★★★★
TypeElectric.gif Wild Charge TM ★★★★
TypePsychic.gif Agility Natural ★★★
TypeFire.gif Heat Wave Tutor ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Safeguard TM ★★★
TypeNormal.gif Roar Natural ★★★
TypeFire.gif Will-O-Wisp TM ★★★
TypeIce.gif Hidden Power TM ★★
TypeGhost.gif Curse TM ★★
TypeFire.gif Sunny Day TM ★★
TypeElectric.gif Thunder Fang Natural ★★
TypeGround.gif Bulldoze TM
TypeDragon.gif Outrage Natural
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Grant (Arcanine)

Battle Record


  • Sakura VS Rawst
  • Sakura VS Morty
    • VS Gengar - Victory
  • Sakura VS Bugsy
    • VS Scizor - Victory
  • Sakura VS Jasmine
    • VS Steelix - Victory
  • Sakura VS Chuck
    • VS Machamp - Victory
  • Lyuri and Sakura VS Crow and Vrang
    • VS Snappy - Victory (together with Duke)


  • Sakura vs Jacob 2
  • Sakura VS Drayden
    • VS Hydreigon - Victory
    • VS Haxorus - Victory
  • Sakura VS Joseph
  • Sakura VS Jacob 3
    • VS Discord - Victory
    • VS Regina - Victory
    • VS Argentum - Victory.


Grant was given to Sakura as an egg when she was five and since then he was her loyal partner, and the subject of the sister's first big fight. After the accident that separated the sisters and killed their's parents, he always stood by Sakura's side and comforted her, always protecting her before and after Hikari found them. He mostly accompanied Sakura everywhere, being her main way of travelling since he could go very fast thanks to Extremespeed and also being her strongest mon and, as such, being her main mon in battle. He most often just engaged in friendly conversation with Sakura and her friends, and also his team, he also became Dylan's babysiter once he hatched , but other than that he didn't do much.

A while after finding Sakura's missing sister, Lyuri, Sakura decided to go back to Johto and get the gym badges, in a day in Goldenrod when Grant was taking a bath, he was surprised by a little Growlithe that suddenly came to the terrace of Rawst's House as Lyuri and Hikari were giving Seth a bath, Grant chatted with him for a bit and learned that he was Des's Growlithe and that he currently wasn't very fond of his current trainer, having known Des for a while, Grant wanted to help improve the situation by trying to convince Sparkers that he wasn't as bad as he thought, despite being a former criminal, it didn't do much however and after a while Des dropped by to take Sparkers with him.

All the way to Olivine later, Grant had a small problem with Deluge, but fortunately nothing bad happened other than Dylan getting a small fear of Feraligatr, later on Des made Poncho attack Lake out of some grudge he had against him right in front of Sakura, forcing her to make Seth intervene and, surprisingly, Sakura got really angry for the first time ever and stormed away to the Pokémon Center, Grant unfortunately couldn't do anything to help her, but Hikari did it for him and things soon went back to normal. After things had been cleared out, Des and Sakura had a small firnedly battle and Grant had to fight Poncho, thanks to the advantage, Grant won.

Back in Ecruteak, Sparkers came to him asking him to teach "the Arcanine ways", which left him quite confused, Sparkers ended up challenging him to a battle which was very one-sided on Grant's favor, understanding that Sparkers wanted to protect his friend, he reminded the Growlithe that he souldn't try to do everything alone, Grant also was present when he evolved shortly before him and Des left and they haven't seen each other since.

Once again being in Goldenrod, Sakura eventually had to leave to PEFE just to see how Lyuri was doing in there, promising to come back in the same day she left, however, she started to take a long time to come back, worrying Grant to no end, he tried to calm himself down by taking it easy at the National Park, when he was suddenly approached by another Growlithe as he was sleeping, this one however, got scared once he woke up and after talking with him, he learned that he was just lonely out in the wild after his trainer was forced to release him and upon seeing Grant he thought that maybe he would be able to help him out, Grant decided to look after the kid, despite knowing that Sakura may not like that idea too much.

Meeting with Straw back in Goldenrod after his amnesia problem was solved, Grant asked about his P -> H armband and asked if he could use it for a while, Straw accepted and he became a human, after talking with both Straw and Rawst about his problem, he decided to become Conan's parent and trainer and would try to reason things with Sakura later, he currently is adapting to life as a human and trying to be a good parent and trainer to Conan as he waits for Sakura to come back, as he unfortunately couldn't go to PEFE on his own due to not knowing where it was.



He's extremely loyal to his trainer, Sakura and would do anything for her as he thinks of her as someone that he has to protect from harm, be it emotional or physical, due to that, the two have an unbreakable bond and are pretty much inseparable, thanks to him frequently acting like it, Sakura thinks of him as a surrogate father of sorts, especially when he's wearing an armband, he's unaware of that, but has mentioned that what he thinks of her is that she's like the little sister that he feels the need to protect, likely due to having been raised together with her.

He's on good terms with pretty much every other human character that he knows, particularly Rawst, whose relationship with Sakura he approves of, Hikari, Lyuri and Jacob, though the latter had a rather bad start with him.


He's close to his team in general, being some sort of authority figure in it, he pretty much takes care of the team while Sakura isn't around to keep an eye on them.

Him and Seth have become sparring buddies so that the latter can find ways around the Fire type moves that are his main danger, outside of that, him and the Scizor are on pretty good terms with each other, even with Seth's way of being, he's probably the Scizor's best friend in the team.

Early on he was Dylan's babysitter, taking care of the young Tirtouga, who frequently called him "big bro", that seems to have stopped now that Dylan has matured more and the two of them aren't seen together very often anymore, but they're likely still just as close.

Recently he has adopted a son, Conan, who he's been taking care of since they met, he enjoys watching the kid play around and is always there for when he's needed; Conan really respects him, though he sometimes complains about his lazyness, while in turn, Grant sometimes thinks the pup is too energertic, neverthless, they're definitely happy with each other.

He also had a fan in Sparkers, who saw him as role-model, as such, the pup grew to really like him and asked him to teach him the "Arcanine ways", which just confused Grant at first, however he managed to make the pup understand during a small fight against him that he shouldn't try to do things all by himself. The two are likely to still be in good terms with each other, though they haven't interacted much since.


  • Contrary to what one would think of a Fire type, he likes to take a bath.
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