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December 1

  • Chamo evolves into Beedrill.

December 2

  • Allen manages to convince Eskay to let his Psychic types work on him while still disguised.
  • [TS] Ren manages to snag Mammor's Ninjask.

December 3

December 4

December 5

December 6

  • Des finds Psyche while she's at work at Neo-Illusion HQ.
  • Joseph finds out a Chansey has been stalking him for his entire life up to that point.

December 7

  • [Meta] 73rd Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
  • Maria receives an Egg from the Day Care Man.
  • [TS] Mammor is not only defeated but humiliated by the J-Team.

December 8

  • Cinna evolves into Quilava.

December 9

  • Lane is called out by his mons for overexerting them and himself.

December 10

December 11

December 12

  • [Meta] Kenyan Independence Day
  • Ellen informs the J-Team that DS and numerous others have gone missing in the Solaceon Ruins.

December 13

December 14

  • The various J-Team members stuck in the fantasy world slowly start taking up their roles.

December 15

December 16

  • [Meta] 1st Day of Hanukkah.
  • Jason catches Darius.

December 17

  • [Meta] 2nd Day of Hanukkah.
  • Maria hatches Argo.
  • Lucius and Alice's funeral is held.

December 18

  • [Meta] 3rd Day of Hanukkah.
  • Lane and Francis have a battle.
  • Crow receives Fishy from Professor Birch.

December 19

  • [Meta] 4th Day of Hanukkah.
  • Meddler returns.
  • Lane is asked to find some Torchic by Prof. Birch's aide.
  • Robin has an adverse reaction to discovering he's in Smash.
  • The King's Krew defeats Pyribbit.

December 20

  • [Meta] 5th Day of Hanukkah.
  • Squealer receives a strange treasure map from a person from Slateport.
  • Gogie encounters an old Linoone Trifka beat who wants to have a rematch.
  • DS turns 23.
  • Crash shares some of his background with Float.
  • Tagg and his mons end up battling an assassin hired by Zrone by the name of Leng.

December 21

  • [Meta] 6th Day of Hanukkah.
  • [Meta] Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere.
  • [TS] Solana and Vierr have an Obscura lesson.
  • Dylan reveals Bryan as a spy for the Rangers to Wesker.
  • Emerald evolves into Duosion.

December 22

  • [Meta] 7th Day of Hanukkah.
  • Mezzo turns 19.
  • Crow battles Norman for the Balance Badge
  • Ryklys and team do a musical number to recruit members for Team Aqua

December 23

  • [Meta] 8th Day of Hanukkah.
  • Wesker tries to murder Bryan, but Alys beats him to it.
  • Jason battles Roxanne and wins the Stone Badge.

December 24

  • [Meta] Last Day of Hanukkah.
  • [Meta] Christmas Eve.
  • Tagg rematches Roxanne.

December 25

  • [Meta] Christmas Day.
  • Lane and Meddler kiss under a clover disguised as a mistletoe.

December 26

  • [Meta] Boxing Day.
  • [Meta] 1st Day of Kwanzaa.

December 27

  • [Meta] 2nd Day of Kwanzaa.

December 28

  • [Meta] 3rd Day of Kwanzaa.
  • [TS] Eridanus battles against Roxanne for the Stone Badge.
  • Lane battles Roxanne for the Stone Badge.

December 29

  • [Meta] 4th Day of Kwanzaa.
  • Ryklys and Vilkas have an anniversary battle in Mauville, both revealing that they've attained Mega Items.
  • Maggie ends up saving a Shroomish named Goombella from the X-Nauts.
  • Jacob battles Roxanne for the Stone Badge.

December 30

  • [Meta] 5th Day of Kwanzaa.
  • Ever meets a crippled Tropius in Petalburg Woods.
  • [TS] Maggie learns about the Hundred Thousand Year Door.
  • Robin's Pokéform is revealed to be Deino.

December 31

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