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January 1

January 2

  • Morgan battles Roxanne for the Stone Badge.
  • Tagg finds a mural in the Granite Cave as well as an Aggronite.

January 3

  • [TS] Kiyo evolves into Dragonair while battling Crow.
  • Lina obtains a Metagrossite from "Steve Stone."
  • Straw and Eskay discuss Elise killing the former and making him stay dead for several months.

January 4

January 5

  • Jason does challenges on a mysterious island in order to obtain an Armband.
  • Kyanite is revealed to be Izumi turned into a Sableye after her death bent on revenge against Umbra for his past transgressions.
  • [TS] Queen Sectonia is defeated, and Gumbomb decides to head over to the Waking World.
  • [TS] Mammor meets his final defeat.

January 6

  • An Armband-wearing Crash runs into Float, who has been turned human via Crow's lycanthropy.
  • Crow and Alpha make a deal to try and have things go better between them.
  • Eskay, Shingeko, and others search for Aline and her friends who went missing.
  • Ren battles Roxanne for the Stone Badge.
  • The HTYD group nearly fails at a Regirock Statue's game show

January 7

  • The HTYD group has a miniboss battle againt a Shiny Venomoth.
  • [TS] Conifer evolves into Grovyle.
  • Ammy, Styx, Duolis, and Arika head over to the Granite Cave to save Umbra from Kyanite.

January 8

  • [TS] Lillith evolves into Houndoom.
  • [TS] Crow challenges Brawly, Sundancer evolving to a Talonflame in the process.
  • Forte and Tangent enter the Laverre Gym, where a Dragon trainer gives Fuego a lesson in manliness
  • Shulk the Spheal and Dirge the Growlith hatch to Maria and Lane respectively.

January 9

  • Ever and Lily battle, Pleth evolving into Grovyle in the process.

January 10

January 11

  • Psyche mon form is turned into a black Ralts by Mew.
  • Jason battles Brawly for the Knuckle Badge.
  • Valorie battles Brawly for the Knuckle Badge.
  • Maggie obtains a Cameruptite following an encounter with Ms. Mowz.

January 12

  • Maggie's group battles Hooktail.
  • Lane battles Brawly for the Knuckle Badge.
  • Blitz teaches Duke the basics of swimming.
  • The X-Nauts summon the Shadow Sirens to help protect the other Crystal Stars.

January 13

  • Maria battles Brawly for the Knuckle Badge, but loses.
  • Maggie's group enters the Boggly Woods.
  • Nadia evolves into Vaporeon.

January 14

  • Lina and Ammy meet up with Kaguya again.
  • Florence evolves into Garchomp.
  • Ren adopts Atlas.
  • Leng breaks into the Slateport PEFE Facility and ends up interrupting a robbery already in progress.

January 15

  • Maria catches Gilda the Mawile.
  • Maria rematches Brawly, this time winning.
  • Ren is forced to manages to catch Carlotta.

January 16

  • Mezzo challenges Brawly for, in her eyes, taking what ought to be a Dark type Gym gimmick and placing it in a Fighting type Gym.
  • Maggie's group fights the Shadow Sirens.
  • The X-Naut Fortress' main computer, TEC, asks Squealer to try and teach him about friendship in order to get him to trust Grodus more.

January 17

  • Joseph tells Arika of a Magnemite that has been searching for her.
  • Shana and Kabuki have a battle.
  • [TS] Eridanus challenges Wattson, but loses.

January 18

  • Des hatches a Mienfoo.

January 19

  • [Meta] Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Crow evolves into a Honchkrow

January 20

  • [Meta] Penguin Awareness Day.
  • Lucinda and Lumen discuss terms for the J-Team being allowed to use their colony in return for protection.

January 21

  • Tagg, Jacob, and Verax discuss Leng.
  • Southern Island Latii start meeting with J-Team members.
  • Morgan battles Brawly for the Knuckle Badge.

January 22

  • Leng nearly murders Shinobi, only to be stopped by Tagg, Verax, and Gogie.
  • Echo reveals that Leng is her brother.
  • Maggie catches Flurrie.

January 23

  • People visit Shinobi at the Pokemon Center
  • [TS] A new trainer, Hajime, has a talk with Joseph.
  • Lina and Arika gift Chrome with a Metagrossite.
  • Munn and Joseph's Electrike egg hatches...into a Cleffa.
  • Silent reaches Slateport with some of his mons, watches SICN.

January 24

January 25

January 26

January 27

  • [Meta] International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • Fortis turns 13.

January 28

January 29

January 30

  • [TS] Crow and Tagg discuss helping Lucius and Titan reconcile.

January 31

  • Braden relays to Ever and Brie how he lost.

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