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September 1

  • [TS] The main assault team ends up fighting Lex.

September 2

September 3

  • Hikari and Jacob have a date at Floraroma Meadow, where a picture she takes goes viral amongst the J-Team.

September 4

  • [TS] Tagg and Sol battle Constantin to serve as a distraction while the rest go to battle Odin.
  • Samantha finds a shiny Purrloin with balance issues in an alley.
  • Maria and Shade have a practice battle, Quartz evolving into Kabutops in the process.
  • Ren's Murkrow egg hatches.
  • [TS] Odin is revealed to have turned Ilya into a White Kyurem mind controlled with the Cipher mind-control circlet, and sics her on the party with orders to kill them all save for Arika, who he plans to revert back to Lunar Pendant form so that he and Constantin will have any wish they want.
  • Fletcha and Crow do a temporary trade so that Chariot can evolve into Gourgeist.

September 5

  • [TS] Ren uses a Night Shade trick to make it look like he lost an eye in return for great power.
  • [TS] Odin finally meets a rather nasty end at the mouth of Ilya.
  • [TS] Hitodama evolves into Lampent.
  • Vincent the Murkrow is nicknamed.
  • Batastrophe is turned into a Greninja by Sird.
  • [TS] Aiki's challenge against Juan continues with his Juan's Kingdra being sent out as the last mon.

September 6

  • [TS] Fletcha takes Crow's offer to become a mon full time.
  • Fishy fully evolves into Swampert, skipping the Marshtomp stage, after defeating Bridge Dropper with the assistance of Chirin.
  • Tagg and Ever talk regarding what Salvador told him several nights ago.
  • Mezzo finds a Mega Stone while diving with Demyx.
  • Dane and Phosphora go on a date.
  • Sarah and Duke have a talk about the future.

September 7

  • [Meta] Labor Day.
  • Fletcha meets up with Daydre to talk about his semi-permanent transformation into a Fletchling.
  • Gogie meets with Mr. Thorne in person to officially join the daycare staff.

September 8

September 9

  • Maria meets with Teresa inside her mindscape.
  • Zeal and Gui meet Alexander.

September 10

  • Jason battles Wallace for the Rain Badge, Aryn evolving to Pidgeot in the process.

September 11

  • [Meta] 9/11 in the United States and Chile.
  • Following an encounter with Soul Arrow, Vierr finally manages to catch Nightmare and Spirit.
  • Crow joins Shun's team with the nickname Sholto.
  • Kiyo gives Undine one of her Dragon Scales.

September 12

September 13

September 14

  • Lane turns 18.
  • [TS] Daydre adopts Mr. Bitey and Odin's former Houndoom.
  • Bluebell learns some unwelcome truths.
  • Munn deals with new information.
  • Max tells Daydre about his former job as a Team Magma operative.

September 15

  • Maria gets Lane a Mega Stone as a present.
  • Simone and Jack share a friendship moment.
  • Lazarus recruits Matter Hat to help him build a dimensional gate.
  • [TS] The J-Team learns about Neo-Flare's desire to harness Infinity Energy.

September 16

  • Lucius is tinyzombienapped in order to have a confrontation with Iapetus.
  • The Avenger saves Lucius from being killed again. Lucius makes an incorrect assumption about their identity.
  • Tart evolves into Dustox.
  • Jacob and Sarah battle Wallace and Juan for the Rain Badge.
  • [TS] Tori defeats Francis in a Pokémon battle, Puff evolving into a Quilava after beating Francis's Politoed thanks to a blessing from a carbuncle.

September 17

  • Most of the J-Team has a laugh at Lucius' expense due to perceived poor flirting.
  • Mezzo goes to a gem store to get her Mega Stone appraised.
  • Abel and Jadis manage to track down Gilgamesh.

September 18

  • A J-Team blogger makes a blog post that reveals private details about the J-Team.
  • [TS] The Mega Stone is revealed to be a Sharpedonite, but Mezzo and Jenna are forced to battle against the crazed clerk revealed as an Aqua Grunt who considers them Magma members.
  • Ever manages to steal the Mega Stone back.
  • Tagg, Jacob, Dune, and their mons are forced to do battle against a group of robbers led by a Delta Snorlax.

September 19

  • [Meta] Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • Undine evolves into Kingdra after nearly getting stolen from Jason.
  • The blogger, Marie, makes plans to meet with the J-Team and meets with Tagg and Blitz. It's revealed that she and Hikari were old friends.
  • Sholto discovers he is unable to transform when trying to help Hajime become a Pokémon.

September 20

September 21

  • Mr. Smith makes an inane blogpost regarding Neo-Illusion and the J-Team, which Echo doesn't take well.
  • Jacob ends up asking Dune and Blitz for relationship advice.
  • Marie advises Tori on her feelings regarding Lane and Duke.

September 22

  • [TS] Tagg and Echo talk about their experiences.
  • Sarah and Jacob go to Pacifidlog Town, where they run into Lucius.
  • Selene goes to Joseph for advice regarding issues with her psychic powers.

September 23

  • [Meta] Autumnal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere, Vernal Equinox in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Sarah, Lucius, and Jacob end up fighting against Iapetus once again.

September 24

September 25

  • Sholto and Sundancer have a talk.
  • Tagg and Cobalt figure out that Blitz is responsible for Duke's transformation troubles after learning that he works for Mew.

September 26

September 27

  • Akiko turns 1 and spends her birthday staring at her necklace.
  • Edge and Aiura tell a story about a battle they had back in Ransei.
  • Deltas start appearing in Sootopolis in preparation to attack Ravana in Holon.
  • Steven Stone meets Yveltal.
  • Selene and Satele go to meet Starkeeper.

September 28

  • [TS] Starkeeper grants Selene similar transformation abilities to Crewe, but with the caveat of her typing and hair color always changing per transformation.
  • Siren, Mezzo, and Ever get into an argument regarding the latter killing Muninn in their final confrontation.
  • Tori and Lane have a talk about the latter's feelings of inadequacy as a boyfriend.

September 29

September 30

  • Sarah and Lyuri check on a J-Team fansite and find that Duke is considered the hottest guy on the J-Team.

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