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January 1

January 2

  • The Heartless end up getting translated into Dreepy.
    • Ever catches Scramble, the rest of the Dreepy taking residence in the ball.
  • [TS] Mobius Final Battle.
    • The Fanatic appears and goes over its disgust for the multiverse before battling the J-Team.
  • Gaius obtains a Pokémon egg from Robin.

January 3

January 4

January 5

January 6

  • [TS] Memito Complex vs Revy
  • The Voice reports on Team Signal and the J-Team's successful saving of Santa Claus from the IDPD.
  • [TS] Scarlette and Rose challenge the Alola League.
    • Scarlette battles Lillie, the latter sending out a Magearna at the climax.
    • Scarlette defeats Lillie and enters the Hall of Fame.

January 7

  • After getting rebuffed by Mezzo, Forte does their Umbreon Trial, only for it to be revealed that Mezzo was part of the Trial all along.
  • [TS] Memito Movie 2.
    • The Memitos are met by a 600 year language barrier, one that Halcyon quickly solves.
    • Revy takes a liking to Pef for using Dunsparce.
    • Ever manages to convince Revy not to leave Kin Island to kill the Morendos by getting him to watch Hydroguy.
    • Amanita attempts to talk down Brie from trying to kill Revy while he's distracted.
    • Revy II explains how exactly they're related to Ever and why they were so hellbent on reviving Revy I in the first place.

January 8

  • [TS] Mobius Final Battle.
    • Eternatus achieves Eternamax form.
    • Everyone's combined power manages to defeat The Fanatic.
    • Gudrunn explains that the Fanatic was merely banished from their section of the multiverse, not destroyed.
    • The Wanderer and Judith manage to convince Admiral Diomedes to not immediately drag Dr. Multiman away for judgement.
    • The Univyse family fixes the rifts.
    • Multiman is officially put under house arrest at PEFE HQ, with the promise of imprisonment if he attempts to leave the OU, in return for the non-Izaya loyalists getting pardoned.
    • Aphrodite decides to spin off from the Clavis Consortium to create the Yggdrasil Foundation.
  • [TS] Memito Movie 2.
    • Ever disarms Revy II of her mons using Pleth.
    • Revy tries getting Pef to join him, but she refuses.
    • During the subsequent battle, the Legion betrays Pef in favor of Revy.

January 9

  • Forte battles Kagetora as their final test, winning and gaining Kagetora's old Z-Ring.
  • Caliburn leaves Colton's partnership.
  • [TS] Memito Movie 2.
    • Ever manages to accidently release Baccarat from her ball and the Togekiss removes them from the equation.

January 10

January 11

  • [TS] Before being taken into custody, Dr. Multiman gives Voyd a crystal that permanently restores their former power.
  • Robin sees Medeus in his dreams, whose spirit was drawn to the OU by Surtr's presence, while a Dreepy appears somewhere in Galar.
  • Shutter reports on the defeat of Mobius at the Final Shell.
  • Robin then meets with Yangverse!Palkia, who reveals that Morgan is currently a trainer over in the Yangverse.

January 12

January 13

January 14

  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding.
    • Ammy arrives in dramatic fashion.
    • Giratina arrives to officiate the wedding.

January 15

  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding.
    • Ammy and Umbra fight each other to be betrothed in White Arcanine and Penumbra form respectively.

January 16

  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding.

January 17

  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding.

January 18

January 19

  • Byleth meets Professor Oak and obtains a Charmander from him.
  • [TS] Daydre forges a Devil Confidant with Ama.
  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding,
    • Merlin is attacked by a mysterious Eevee.
    • Tagg and DS talk for the first time in two years.
  • [TS] Megan tells Daydre about how she failed to complete her Gym challenge.

January 20

  • [Meta] MLK Day.
  • A certain former Mobius Admin and his Palico turned Perrserker end up in the Wild Area.
  • [TS} Tagg catches Cam.
  • [TS] Umbrammy Wedding,

January 21

January 22

January 23

  • Shaun, Jessica, Isbrand, and Kaiisei have a 2v2 Double battle.
  • [TS] Chateau.
    • Tom Fool is defeated.
    • The Thieves gather at the abandoned Operations HQ to discuss sending their Calling Card to Robinson.
  • Aspen catches a Grookey.
  • Team Locke discuss their plans while in Galar.
  • Gale forges a Devil Confidant with Nocturnal.
  • Locke, Jared, and Archer obtain Funky, Bugs, and Benoit respectively from Leon.
  • Kamon is revealed to be a decently famous movie star.

January 24

January 25

  • [Meta] Lunar New Year
  • Gale is attacked by a mysterious woman with a horde of Fighting-types.

January 26

  • Ivan finds two bandits accosting a Delta Chimecho.
  • [TS] Paula tells the Thieves about how she joined up with Cipher and asks if they still want to work with her.
  • [TS] The woman calms down once Gale feeds her.

January 27

  • DS catches a Nickit.
  • On Fortis' 18th birthday, the Morendos battle the Dynamaxed Rookidee, with Fortis catching them.
  • [TS] Rose makes some final preparations.
    • Rose forges a Justice and Judgement Confidant with Lucius and Scarlette respectively.
    • Rose forges Tower Confidants with Diane and Skye.
    • Rose reads the note Pentigan gave her to find that it's a Calling Card for both her and Paula.
  • Dio evolves into Gliscor.
  • Jared gets an endorsement for the Galar League from Aphrodite.
  • Julius gets an endorsement from Team Asimov.

January 28

  • The woman tells Gale that she used to be an orc before ending up in the OU.
  • [TS] Dr. Robinson obtains the Calling Card from Paula.
  • Tagg endorses himself to get registered for the Gym challenge, while Channah gets an endorsement from her brother, as well as obtaining Dynamax Bands.
  • Pianis suggests that Mezzo become a Spikemuth Gym Trainer in order to do the Gym challenge following her complaints about the system, while Forte reveals they got an endorsement through the site they stream on.

January 29

  • Siegbert and Storm discuss joining the J-Team in order to sabotage it from the inside.
  • Galen tells Tanten that they've been given an apology for [Discovery] trying to assassinate them and an endorsement for the Galar League.
  • Neon reveals that he got an endorsement for the Galar League from the Orochi Corporation.
  • Tagg and Channah meet Kamon again, the actor managing to annoy Tagg enough that Channah needs to drag him away.

January 30

January 31

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