Iridium (Freshman Class)

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Portrait of Iridium in the Uva House uniform via Sangled Picrew.
Name: Iridium
Nickname/Alias: Sally Scrivener
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Age: 3 (Chronologically), 10-12 (Physically)
Height: 4'7" (139.7 cm)
Ethnicity: School genetic slurry; Black and [East Asian]* from both primary templates; Alolan (maternal) and Crown Tundran and [Jewish] (paternal)
Birthday: c. Early 2021
Attribute: Unknown
Trainer ID: Unknown
Home: Unknown
Pokéform: East Sea Shellos
Starter: Ammit
Status: Alive

Iridium is the 77th Schoolchild of the School's Freshman Class, formed from a heavily damaged Chiyo template with DNA unknowingly (On both ends) acquired from Tagg used to shore it up. She currently attends Naranja y Uva Academy under the alias of Sally Scrivener.


Iridium is about 4'7" and has a strong physical resemblance to both of her genetic parents, having both Chiyo's freckles and Tagg's left side face mole. She has the School-typical purple eyes, but their shape and brownish tint was inherited from Tagg. During her mission to infiltrate Naranja y Uva Academy, she has taken to wearing the customary Uva House uniform, if modified to fit the Team Star aesthetic.


Iridium is a curious person, if guarded due to her experiences with the School. Apart from her resentment of Chiyo she lacks much in the way of malice towards anyone normally past a noted disdain for School scientists despite her nominal loyalty to the organization and seeking of its approval.


Iridium was decanted sometime in early 2021 as the 77th Schoolchild of the Freshman Class, as an attempt to make a Chiyo more loyal to the School and as a contingency of Dr. No Heart's. She was subject to various experiments on her capabilities from the beginning, all the while aware of their fears of her doing a rebellion like her maternal template did, birthing a deep resentment towards Chiyo.

The two wouldn't actually meet until March 2023 in the aftermath of the Truancy Gang's repulsion of a School force attacking the Stormchaser, in which she was convinced to withdraw instead of trying to attack by Ammit, who cited their obvious power differential. It was after this that she was assigned a mission to infiltrate Naranja y Uva Academy with Lydia as her handler.

Unbeknownst to her, the School had deemed Iridium too dangerous and slated her for liquidation, but Lydia interfered and the greater system has no idea that she is still alive, leaving Iridium to continue her mission at Naranja y Uva Academy.


Iridium is a hydrokinetic capable of creating localized rainstorms by manipulating humidity, and tracking people who have been soaked enough by her Aura-infused rain. Apart from other basic Auric abilities, she has inherited Chiyo's rainbow Aura and is capable of using Aura chains like Tagg.


  • Is deeply resentful towards her genetic mother Chiyo due to the School's abuse, referring to her as "Iridium 1.0" and seeking to surpass her.
  • Has entered an apprenticeship with her genetic father Tagg, though she's as of this time unaware of their direct relation.
  • Ann is her genetic paternal aunt, though they haven't met yet.
  • Lydia is her handler, the Templar also serving as the closest thing she has to a mother figure.
  • She and Lian were kept together for some time prior to the latter's rescue by Ama. Prior to their meeting during 2023's J-Con, Iridium was under the impression that she'd been liquidated.
  • Trill is her first full friend, though they have no idea about her being a Schoolchild.
  • Iridium is part of Team Star.


Del Lurra


  • Lydia has theorized that she was decanted at a much younger physical age compared to Chiyo because the School deemed a young child more controllable than a young teenager, but it's unknown if she is correct.
Iridium's Team
On Hand : Ammit911Mini.pngOedi920Mini.pngDel Lurra980Mini.pngStruthie956Mini.pngBulbal128paaMini.png
Traveling With : Aurum999roMini.png
As last seen in: Paldea

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