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November 1

November 2

November 3

November 4

November 5

November 6

November 7

November 8

November 9

November 10

  • Lucius cuts ties with his mother after her refusal to accept Liam's newfound identity.
  • The Hyul group encounters a massive Trevenant-EX known as Dekarule who reveals he's been keeping the Purple Sword safe due to his EX powers protecting him from its corrupting effects.

November 11

November 12

November 13

  • Lucius learns that as next of kin he's been granted custody of all Lawrence's living mons.
  • Ludmilla gets attacked by Templar, yet another of the School's psychics, and gets Force choked before getting saved by Nanu, Doomsday fully evolving to Blissey in the process.
  • Colton's mons try Hasslemon.
  • After PEFE!Every gets confronted by Leslie, she and Martin reveal that they're actually her biological parents.

November 14

  • After PEFE!Every rebuffs Leslie and Martin's attempt to recruit her, they proceed to pressgang her into joining their partnership on pain of having her true allegiances revealed to Team Iron at large.
  • Lucius meets Mason and Rose and reacts poorly to the latter's presence.
  • Tangent and Basket decide to try the Island Challenge.
  • Phoenix's mon form is revealed to be Slakoth.
  • Oran OS gets a cyborg body thanks to JD, and reveals that he's actually an AI clone of Odin, who sealed their psychotic side in the flash drive current in Izaya's possession.
  • Gabe's mon form is revealed to be a shiny Mimikyu.
  • EJ challenges the Abandoned Megamart Trial.

November 15

  • Colton battles Paula in Po Town.
  • Brie reveals to Amanita that she's been doing multiverse work for the past three years.
  • Zrone is revealed to have survived his fall, and after some humiliation, agrees to join Team Iron.
  • Liam and Lucius meet Cleo and Leonard, and learn about the latter's revival.
  • After Ever gets a weird text from PEFE!Every's phone, thanks to Lilac they find out that PEFE!Every's parents have captured her.

November 16

November 17

  • [Meta] Release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
  • Lucius and co encounter Runt again, learning that he's an on and off again affiliate of the J-Team.
  • [TS] Jason battles Hikaru for his Champion fight, the latter using the Elementals against him.
    • Hikaru at one point uses the Lucarionite found by Maria to Mega Evolve Shana.
    • Sylph achieves the Battle Bond, and uses it to defeat Mega!Shana.

November 18

  • Lucius, Diane, and Rose have a talk regarding Paula and Rose and the nature of amnesiac culpability for crimes.
  • Tagg challenges the Alola League.
    • Tagg battles Professor Kukui as his final challenge.
    • Tagg defeats Professor Kukui, and enters the Hall of Fame.
  • [TS] Totem Mimikyu grants EJ a Ghostium-Z.
  • Jason turns 23.

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

  • [Meta] Thanksgiving.
  • Squiggles is nicknamed.
  • Kaito and Ever discuss Muninn's situation and Lucius's reaction to it.
  • Sol informs Tagg that her contact has new news of Neo-Flare, and head to Heahea to meet with him.

November 24

  • [TS] Volpe informs Tagg and Sol that Neo-Flare has continued perfecting Infinity Energy tech over the past two years in the form of the Infinity Ring created by Lex.
    • After going over its effects, he hands them a number of reports pertaining to its development before warning them not to try personally assaulting the Neo-Flare Base in Unova.
    • It is revealed that Lex created a device that restored Constantin to his original health prior to his deterioration following overuse of the Gates.
  • Tagg and Kaito talk about what happened with Lucius a couple days ago, the former deciding to take the conversation to his apartment after it starts going south.
  • Colton challenges the Unova Elite Four.
  • Robin calls Tagg to inform him about the Mewnium-Z in Best Berry's possession.
  • Marslie text Tagg to ask for help regarding their daughter's allergies, before blocking him following a text argument.
  • Polly approaches Vierr with an offer to help him with his powers and reveals his direct relation to Kan'al'colel and shared ancestry with Nico. Also, the fact that Gudrunn's been in possession of their ring.

November 25

November 26

  • After defeating Iris, Colton enters Unova's Hall of Fame.
  • [TS] Savannah reveals to Rose that she was an unexpected child.
  • Ren calls Coyote, trades a lot of cheese to borrow Coyote's lycanthropy powers, and meets Sheogorath.
  • Phoenix challenges Roxie for the Toxic Badge.
  • Lucius meets Izaya, and after complaining to him about the rest of the J-Team in his eyes being too lenient about the former Cipher members in their midst, the latter offers him help from Team Iron.
  • [TS] Volpe briefs the group on exactly how nasty Neo-Flare is.
  • Locke meets AU!Shaun.
  • Anabel informs Kaito about the Purple Sword going missing.
  • The meeting regarding the impending Best Berry raid begins, and the mission is outlined.

November 27

November 28

  • [TS] The assault team creates a distraction as the stealth team enters the Neo-Flare base.
  • Deziree is given a map to a base belonging to the School by an anonymous source, which she tells the J-Team about.

November 29

November 30

  • Fortis encounters an alternate Matthew who's still a Skull Grunt.
  • Dr. Aulstyne calls a meeting declaring PEFE!Every's parents to be officially-recognized traitors to Team Iron.
  • [TS] Verax's overconfidence leads to a huge mistake.
  • Delilah, Lucius and Liam's mother, is named and revealed to be Best Berry's Director of Market Research.
  • [TS] The Pecha Mecha is destroyed.
  • Ever and Other!Every discuss rescuing PEFE!Every from her parents.
  • [TS] JD battles Stroheim and Hans.
  • [TS] The Best Berry employees on BF3 end up setting Team Umbra's own mons against the very people sent to rescue them.
  • [TS] Sol informs Helios about the Space Ampharos gaining a wariness towards Earth after fighting against Glitches long ago.

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