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Species / Morph Ekans
Gender Male
Nature unknown
Age Info born on Jan 20, yr 5 after PEFE
Poké Ball Poké Ball
Obtained by Fallarbor Town Hotel
Egg gift from Fool
Version 2.6

Python is Silent's male Ekans hatched from an egg given by Fool. He is a young and annoying Pokémon that expresses himself mostly by hisses, but also by code_snippets, much like Lua. Tends to wrap around the arm of whoever is holding him and demand for screentime. His Ability is Intimidate.


As what happened with Shahinne, Python's egg was being held by Dintel when the Ekans hatched. While most of the other Pokémon were happy at the birth, Dintel resented Python for breaking the egg (which he had taken care of for weeks).

Lenore and Lua were the first Pokémon outside of Silent's party that Python met. Python and Lua are both hatchlings but have a somewhat rocky relationship that might have to be measured in SLoC or in a benchmark.

Python is named after the programming language and based on the Ekans Silent's RL player captured in his Soul Silver run.

Being a Johtoan (or Hoennese?) Ekans, Python doesn't exactly get the same dialect as Sinn Ekans do, as shown when he fails in trying some diplomacy with wild Arbok in the Great Marsh, thus getting himself and Silent captured by the tribe of wild Pokémon (Ichtacya later gets caught as well). He tried to parley with them on behalf of Silent, but things didn't go well for him, then he tried beating them at a card game (or at least an Ekans's version of that) but ended up losing as well. Finally he was able to convince some Arbok and Ekans of the colony to let themselves be moved to one of the PEFE habitats.

Silent kept Python out of harm's way during the Orre Arc, in particular after what happened to Maekrite; however he was brought in for the final confrontation with Cipher's main body, where he and Dintel protected Silent from direct harm, and will remain with him during the postgame.

Python does not see much activity during the Kalos Arc, though he enjoys some screentime by being a HARD MODE miniboss in Hotel Richissime's practises. He also stays in the hotel in Renard's room for a little while.

Come the Hoenn-2 Arc, Python has joined Silent's party again and goes with him to Slateport; there, the Ekans and Dintel meet some of Maggie's Pokémon, and Python is interested in meeting the PEFE intern again after their adventure in the Great Marsh. However, since Maggie is spending time in the Dream World, her body asleep at the Slateport Pokécenter, Python once again enlists himself as a NORMAL MODE boss, coiled on top of her bed and watching together with Molly.


  • TypePoison.gif Poison Sting, Acid.
  • TypeNormal.gif Leer, Wrap, Glare (learned offscreen), Screech.
  • TypeDark.gif Bite.

Moves learnable: See Ekans and Arbok.

  • Natural: Swallow, Stockpile, Spit Up, Gastro Acid, Acid Spray, Mud Bomb, Haze, Coil, Belch, Gunk Shot
  • Currently planning: Endure, Iron Tail, Mimic, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Swagger, Headbutt, Toxic, Rage, Mega Drain, Rock Tomb, Torment, Infestation, Confide, Lash (PEFE TM), Regen (PEFE TM).


  • Attempts (and fails) to parley with some wild Arbok in Sinnoh.
  • Loses at a card game with some wild Ekans in Sinnoh.
  • Was a HARD MODE miniboss in Hotel Richissime's room tidying employment practices.

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