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A list of trainer titles for characters in WAAPT.

Primary PCs

  • Bug Maniac Anom
  • Ninja Breeder Blitz
    • Wandering Breeder Blitz
  • Deadpan Snarker Colton
    • Pop Culture Nerd Colton
    • Random Nerd Colton
    • GAME FREAK Colton
    • Pokemon Delegator Colton
    • A Nerd Named Colton
  • Adventuring Explorer Dune
  • Unfazed Everyman/Rising Trainer Eskay
    • Champion's Daughter Sarah
    • Genderbent Everygirl Sarah
    • Prodigy Progeny Sarah
    • Palace Apprentice Sarah
  • Oddtrainer Ever
    • Everyman Ever
  • Rich Boy Herbert
  • (Self-Proclaimed) Pokémon Genius Jacob
    • Awakened Pokemon Genius Jacob Lucretcius Tenebris Zalendredo Iridis
    • Future Champion Jacob Iridis
  • Traveling Trainer Jason
    • Hopeful Trainer Jason
    • Truth Seeker Jason
  • Pokémon Breeder Joseph
  • Dark Fangirl/Perky Goth Mezzopiano
  • Mystery Man Pentigan
  • Wandering Swordsman Pi Warden
  • Psychic/Psycho Psychic Psyche
  • Veteran Coordinator Ren
  • Backpacker Rex
  • Krowtective Sholto
    • Detective-In-Training Crow
    • Team Neo-Galactic Grunt Triton
  • PEFE Researcher Silent
  • Ex-Breeder Shaun
  • Pokémon Ranger Straw
    • Ex-Pokémon Ranger Straw
  • PEFE Researcher Tagg
  • PEFE Headmaster Tangent
  • PEFE Researcher Tracer
  • Channeler Umbra
  • Dragon Tamer Valorie
  • Swimmer♂ Zeal

Secondary PCs



  • Reverend John Sauber
  • Iron Maiden Ivy/Ellen
  • Criminal Lawyer Heart-To-Heart
  • Old Man Ragnarok Saxum Cabron
  • Rising Star Tommy
  • Fashion Queen Mimi
  • Statistic Abuser Thomas
  • Elite Trainer Rika
  • Infernal Sinful Nightmare Sinstain
  • Neo-Galactic Boss Titan
  • Ex-Cipher Commander Verax
  • Rogue Scientist Cid
    • Former Hoenn Hall of Famer Cidolfus Demen Bunansa
  • Mastermind Zrone
  • Pokémon Trainer Youko
  • Seasoned Breeder Marshall

Battle Chateau Titles

Note that this is only for characters who are registered at the Chateau.

Duo Titles