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Pentigan is a mysterious trainer who is also one of the founding members of the J-Team.


Pentigan was born on an Unnamed Hoenn Island. It is there he was raised until the sudden invasion of dragons due to the malfunctioning of Greg Palmer's device forced him and a yet as unnamed fisherman to flee to Slateport. It is there he was taken in by Greg Palmer and trained to be an assistance in his smuggling ring. It is during a mission to rescue A Victini from a scientific organisation which has now been retgoned because of the introduction of the PEFE Team Galactic that he met the group. After Ur proved fundemental to the defeat of Missingno Pentigan returned to Slateport to discover that all the mons he had rescued before were being sold as part of Greg Palmer's smuggling ring. Naturally Pentigan quit, causing him to be one of the most wanted people in Slateport. Since then he has <Insert summary of the main plot here>.

Alternate Universes

  • AU Pentigan (Drake Palmer): In the AU, Greg Palmer decided to continue the path of science after the malfunction that causes Unnamed Hoenn Island to be overrun. He takes in Pentigan as his son and this eventually leads to him using Pentigan in an experiment that ends up combining Pentigan's base genetics with that of a Hydregion. In the wake of this Greg organised for the dragon-types that formerly inhabited Unnamed Hoenn Island to be moved to the caverns beneath Slateport City. Through time Pentigan ended up the functional leader of the clan and with the death of FlareRaider's Father became the traditional leader as well. Since then he has <Insert summary of AU arc here.>
  • Peter Palmer, Slateport Spiderman
  • Another Pentigan: Pent has yet to appear in Anotherverse
  • Hex: The identity enforced on Pent during the Twilight in Sinnoh. Later became an aspect and then mutated into The Exploit aspect.


  • Due to Umbra and Duolis' son Trios ending up on a time dilation island, they are his great-grandparents.
  • Locke is technically his granduncle.


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