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Herbert (real name Lucius Augustus Octavius Cain, nicknamed Bert by Crow, Herby by Eskay, Princess Luciana by Lyuri, Octave by Lanie, and Fruitcake by Crewe) is a Pokemon Trainer and novice Auric hailing from Eterna City, Sinnoh, and the son of a Team Galactic commander. He started travelling with the J-Team in Virbank City. He is antisocial, judgmental and generally kind of a jerk, though once he gets to befriend people he becomes rather more personable. He tends to become flustered during awkward or uncomfortable situations. His upbringing means that he views Pokemon as little more than animals, though he is working on improving this attitude after being called on it by the rest of the group. He is also prone to sudden emotional outbursts, and has a crippling fear of laboratories and scientists.

He is Titan's son, a direct descendant of Lucanus and Aiura, and a first cousin of Psyche.


Herbert was born and raised in Eterna City, Sinnoh. His parents split when he was very young, leaving his father, Titan - a devoted Team Galactic commander - to raise him. Herbert loved the style and charm of the team when he was young, and his father often brought home Pokemon they had "acquired" for him to play with. However, on his ninth birthday, his childhood friend Alice convinced him to sneak into the Team Galactic labs, and there he saw the full extent of the twisted experiments his father had been conducting. The incident gave him a crippling fear of laboratories and scientists, which he carries to this day.

At around the same time, he was given his starter, Kirk, and one of his father's Abras whom he named Maul. When Herbert was 11, Team Galactic was taken down by a trainer by the name of DS, and his father disappeared a week before the confrontation at Spear Pillar. Herbert vowed to find him and put a stop to his plans, visiting and beating five of Sinnoh's gyms and catching a Sneasel he named Ripley before taking his search abroad. He spent four years searching Orre, Almia and Kanto, catching a Shadow Scyther named Bishop whom he later purified along the way, before travelling to Unova and meeting the J-Team in Virbank City.


Herbert acquainted himself with the group just in time for April Fool's Day 2013, during which he was transformed into a four-year old and took on Newfie as a surrogate parent. After he had returned to normal, he met a genderbent Eskay and, failing to recognise her, attempted to ask her out. He was rejected, and learnt of his embarrassing mistake in a later conversation with Skye. Whilst he was in Virbank, Herbert starred in a movie called From Space With Love alongside Eskay, Jacob, Sakura and Rawst, and decided to tag along with the J-Team for a while longer afterwards.

Whilst traveling to Driftveil, Herbert saw the then-human Duke use an Aura Sphere to defeat a wild Pokemon, and eagerly asked to learn how to use Aura himself. Through Duke's training, Herbert discovered that he was Aura-sensitive, though his abilities were highly limited. Upon reaching Black City, Herbert reunited with Alice, and learnt that Titan's right-hand man, Deimos, was operating within the city. The two defeated him with help from the J-Team, despite their efforts being interrupted by an unexpected attack from Jet and Zeal and Eskay getting injured during the fight.. However, Deimos was able to break free with Titan's help, and again encountered the group in Driftveil.

In the AU

Herbert ended up dying in the AU when he insulted some Scolemis goons, stating that Pokémon were too dumb to rule the world, leading to his death by Scolipede.


As a result of his bad attitude, severe trust issues and tendency to hold grudges over even minor issues, Herbert has few friends amongst the J-Team. He shows a much kinder and more loyal side towards those he is able to befriend, however.

  • Herbert's oldest friend is Alice, and the pair have known each other since they were four years old. The exact nature of their history and relationship is mostly unknown.
  • Herbert has feelings for Carol, though he believes that she does not reciprocate. He refuses to admit his increasingly obvious attraction to anyone but Sam, however. At the moment, the two are close friends, and she is one of the few people Herbert will open up to and fiercely protect.
  • Sam is probably Herbert's closest friend. Despite Herbert's initial mistrust of him due to their initially mutual feelings for Carol, the two have grown to become firm companions, often light-heartedly ribbing on each other.
  • He has an unusual relationship with Eskay, as a result of the two meeting when Eskay was genderbent. Herbert attempted to flirt with "her", only to be rejected and realise his mistake when talking to Skye. Eskay has continued to tease him about it ever since, but after a while Herbert began to realise that his initial feelings were more sincere than he first believed, which has since made interactions between the two highly awkward.
  • Duke is Herbert's Aura tutor, and as a result sees him as something of a mentor figure. Whilst he is occasionally annoyed by Duke's constant attempts to correct his flaws and often ignores his advice, he is undeniably grateful for Duke's help. However, he is unaware of the fact that Duke is actually a Lucario.
  • Herbert has a strained relationship with Lyuri. Though the two are nominally friends, the two are almost constantly butting heads thanks to their shared aggressive nature. Lyuri's comments often end up hurting Herbert more than he would like to admit, even though he refuses to admit it.
  • Herbert is a DS fanboy, due to her defeat of Team Galactic. She seems to view him as flattering at best and annoying at worst.
  • Diane took an initial disliking to him, due to his rather bigoted views on Pokemon equality and interspecies relationships. The two have become somewhat more understanding of each other after learning each other's backstories and taking a trip to PMD-A together.
  • Herbert and Tagg have a mutual dislike of each other, stemming from Herbert's mistrust of the PEFE. He accused Tagg of being a Pokemon abuser in Nimbasa City, which almost lead to him being throttled. Duke has been trying to mediate between the two with little success.
  • As a result of him figuring out that Umbra was the Ghost Lord in the past, Herbert bears a vicious grudge against him. Umbra seems all too happy to return the sentiment.
  • Herbert seems to enjoy the company of Joseph, although sometimes confused by the latter's quirks.
  • Herbert is first cousins with Psyche due to both being descendants of Lucanus and Aiura, and Psyche's mother being Titan's sister, making him her uncle.


Like most other members of the Cain family, Herbert has short black hair, grey eyes, high cheekbones and a pointed nose. His usual outfit is a thick, baggy grey sweater and trousers, with black gloves, boots and a scarf. He also owns a pink dress, which he kept after being made to wear it for a day by Ammy.

Standard Outfit


Further Details

Age: 20

Birthday: July 4, 1997

Starter: Kirk the Lucario (Male)

First Appearance: Page 9413

Pokéform: Abra

Attribute: Unknown

Favorite Color: Purple.

Likes: Coffee, travelling, gadgetry

Dislikes: Team Galactic, scientists, laboratories, crowds, cold, snow, sunlight


  • Helped clear Unity Tower of Dream World Pokemon under the command of Delta.
  • Assisted with the arrest of Deimos in Black City.



  • Despite his earlier beliefs about human superiority over Pokemon, Lucius is a devout vegetarian.
  • He is somewhere between 5'4" and 5'6" tall.
  • Has a Mindscape.
  • Herbert is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

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